Infinity is a magazine about graphic novels, comics and sequential art, available for the iPad through SEQUENTIAL, and also via PDF and on Issuu.com.

The purpose of this site is to present selected content that has appeared in back issues of Infinity magazine and to encourage you to check out the latest issue on SEQUENTIAL, our iPad graphic novel storefront and reader app. The app presents graphic novels from some of the worlds leading publishers. If you haven't seen SEQUENTIAL then check it out here.

Old-time fans of comics from the UK may know that in the 80s there was a short-lived but quite popular comics fanzine called Infinity that I edited. Its call to arms was that superheroes were the villains of the piece. We got criticized for that, but as Alan Moore wrote in our sixth issue in 1984, 

‘Whilst I don’t have anything in theory against the mainstream comic publishers or superhero comics per se… I think a bit of positive discrimination is called for at times…’

Well, the first part of that quote might not still hold true for Alan, but the need for a bit of positive discrimination continues 30 years later. So you’ll see very few superheroes in Infinity.

One of the key reasons I revived Infinity was because, in the midst of all the fast-breaking news and stories on the Internet, I was getting dizzy... I wanted a magazine that curated content and provided it in elegant batches. There being no such magazine about the kind of sequential art I was interested in, I decided to make one myself, originally focused on digital graphic novels and comics. Now, the need for a magazine is still there, but not the digital focus. At typical Internet speed, digital comics and graphic novels have almost become a natural part of the publishing and reading mix. So I reckon we can look at the world of sequential art in general and digital will be an automatic part... but of course, we’ll have a bias to digital, and inevitably to our SEQUENTIAL app – so be warned!

The best way to read Infinity is on SEQUENTIAL for iPad, but if you don't have an iPad, then you can download issues as a PDF (click on the issue you want in the list on the right – issues are still being added) or view them on Issuu.com here.

Do let us know what you think about Infinity! We'll be lonely without you.

Russell Willis • Editor